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It’s been seven years since Liz Phair released an album (the unfortunate Funstyle, which would get blown to pieces these days for cultural appropriation) and all I’ve ever wanted from her is to return to her early ’90s roots and put out a comeback record.


She’s reportedly working on a double album (with Ryan Adams, who I am positive won’t let her rap) but now she’s also working on a double-book deal. Variety reports that Random House has acquired two titles from Phair, the first of which is a memoir “of Phair’s experiences with fame, heartbreak, motherhood, and everything in between,” titled Horror Stories. “I have been writing stories and essays for the past decade, creating a world on the page that excites me as much as my songwriting,” Phair told the publication.

Artists like Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, and Hole-drummer Patty Schemel have all written memoirs in the last few years as well, so Phair joins a recent tradition of women from this era looking back on their fame. And considering the work of so many young, female singer-songwriters in indie rock right now feels indebted to a lot of Phair’s gutsy early work, her memoir can’t come at a better time.

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