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Liz Cheney's Freudian Fantasies Come To The Fore

Illustration for article titled Liz Cheneys Freudian Fantasies Come To The Fore
  • Liz Cheney, no stranger to irony (though she can't recognize it), says that others have "made a cottage industry of fantasies" about her dad Dick. Aren't Elektra complexes fun? [Politico]
  • In other fantasies she's currently working through without the benefit of a good therapist, Liz says that her dad — who got her a State Department gig — would never have substituted his judgment for that of the CIA (or any agency), in response to reports that he had indeed done so other than during the time he got her a State Department gig. [ThinkProgress]
  • Republicans are totally cool with Mr. Cheney being the new face of the GOP, because they're convinced his portrait is safely behind lock and key. [Politico]
  • Apparently, Donald Rumsfeld presented all his briefings to Dubya with a side of inspirational Bible quotes. If you thought that motherfucker was crazy before, now you're wondering where in the Bible it says you go to war with the military you've got, not the one you want. [ThinkProgress]
  • Here is the pot (Newt Gingrich) calling the kettle (Nancy Pelosi) black (a lying, dishonest politician who has disgraced Congress). [Time]
  • Spongebob Squarepants enthusiast Alan Keyes continues to trump Newt's brand of crazy, calling Obama a child-killer. [Media Matters]
  • Someone else shouted as much at Obama during his Notre Dame commencement speech, where all the anti-abortion troops rallied to protest the first pro-choice commencement speaker black President. [Washington Post]
  • Obama is reportedly about to make Utah Governor (and potential 2012 Republican nominee) Jon Huntsman our new ambassador to China, because he keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. [Washington Post]
  • The ACLU is pissed that Obama is going to keep the system of military tribunals in place for detainees. [Politico]
  • Republicans are coming around to the fact that they really might not be able to filibuster judicial nominees. [NY Times]
  • Mitch McConnell is still going to however... before he gets some remedial math classes. [Huffington Post]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

OK. Tired of the non-story of the "massive protests" or what have you happening at Notre Dame.

THREE people. Three individuals out of 11,000 in the Joyce Center at Notre Dame attempted to disrupt the ceremony. All three were escorted out and drowned out by students cheering in support of the president.

TWENTY PEOPLE. Twenty people out of 2,900 graduates opted to skip the ceremony in favor of attending a prayer service. That's less than 1%.

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY PEOPLE. That's the approximate number of protesters outside of the gates of the school.

The size of this "scandal" and "protest" at Notre Dame has been blown completely out of proportion by a media hungry for a story that illustrates division and discord between the Church and reason. While I won't hesitate to criticize Catholicism and some of it's unsavory actions, Notre Dame is generally a respectful place that encourages dialogue and that overwhelmingly supported Obama in this past election. It's not a school full of wealthy people wheeling around carriages full of bloody baby dolls.