Live From Jezebel, It's Saturday Night!

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Welcome back to our SNL live thread! Tonight we kick off a new decade of Saturday Night Live with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Alicia Keys. Will Sir Charles deliver? Let's find out together, shall we?


Update: Apparently the show has been bumped back a half-hour due to football, so hopefully things will start around midnight. Until then, feel free to wait here or hang out in our Saturday Night Social open thread.

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OK, I'm a little freaked out. So I went to order a book on Amazon and got an email saying my credit card payment couldn't be processed. I was like...WTF, my bank account has money in it, etc.

So I went to Amazon and my payment method has some Visa card with last 4 digits and expiration date that are NOT the last 4 digits of either my debit or credit card.

What the hell??! Anyone had this problem before?