Live Blog: The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

And the show begins! Come on in, we've got Mo'Nique's speech and lots of commentary.

11:00 GOOD NIGHT! Thanks for hanging out with us!

10:57 Well. Blue aliens beat illiterate black teens and Iraq war thrillers. These are the times we live in.


10:55 Julia Roberts: Drunk? Man, I wish Kathryn Bigelow would win and not her ex-husband. Sigh.

10:51 Behold: Emily Blunt, looking pissed.

10:48 Jeff Bridges is looking very Dude. His wife is SPARKLY.

10:46 The Winslet looks divine. Sophia Loren, we all saw you eating.

Good speech, RDJ.

10:39 Best Actor, RDJ. "If you start playing violins, I am going to tear this joint apart."


10:36 Sandra Bullock, Best Actress? I honestly thought maybe Gabby or Carey.

10:35 Arnold: "This. Is Avvadar."

10:30 It's a good thing we had Mo'Nique and Drew and Meryl… This is turning into a boys' night. Oh: Best Actress/Drama is coming up.


10:27 This category is dumb. The Hangover against Nine against It's Complicated? Weirdness.

10:19 A win for Glee. The kids are cute.

10:15 Boo, I wanted Kathryn Bigelow to win. She has to watch her ex-husband give the speech. Boo. BOO.


10:14 Jeremy Renner was SO GOOD in The Hurt Locker.

Here's the Chloë clip:

Marty: Short, fast-talking New Yorker. Pure kinetic energy.

What I mean is: He feels like home.

10:03 WAIT WHAT. Shutter Island commercial? It was made like 2 years ago and keeps getting pushed back. Not a good sign.


I totally recreated that Sharon Stone Casino moment with poker chips at a party once.

I love Bobby D. And I love Marty Scorcese. Lots of love!

Here's Chloë's name spelled wrong:


And here's Chloë's face re: the dress fiasco:


9:47 Chloë: "I can't believe he just ripped my dress!"

Anna says they spelled Chloë's name wrong?

I don't like the mascara on her bottom lashes, not that anyone cares.

9:45 OH HAI Buff Werewolf. Shut up people, Taylor's talking!


9:36 The best foreign-language film I saw last year was Sin Nombre. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


9:34 Sophia Loren's GLASSES. the new hot shit.

9:30 Oh! The updates are working again! Thanks TECH!

9:26 So when I worked at a teen magazine, I interviewed Matthew Morrison; he was in a BOYBAND called LMNT. True story.


9:23 Kathryn Bigelow The Hurt Locker didn't win, and that annoys me.

9:20 Cammie D looks… different?

9:14 Drew Barrymore's earrings are astounding.

9:12 Morgan Freeman boozin' it up!

9:09 You go ahead and be a stone cold silver fox, Helen Mirren. I'll just be sitting here in my pajamas.


9:05 I feel like I haven't seen Cameron Diaz in a long time.

9:02 T-Bone Streep is my new band name.

9:01 Meryl!!! Of course. Like Sandy Bullock in The Proposal could beat her?!?!

9:00 Colin Farrell hasn't been around lately, huh?

8:55 My post is not updating! I want to say that I heart Drew and she looks sooo pretty!


8:53 Amy Adams, your dress is bad. Sorry.

8:46 Has anyone seen Crazy Heart?

8:43 CHER! XTINA! I am psyched for Burlesque. Christina's hair looks amazing.

8:40 Are we having fun yet?

8:36 Not that she cares, but I like when Julianna Margulies wears her hair curly.


8:33NPH still making fun of his face.

Here's Mo'Nique's speech:

8:23 Everyone in the Feria commercial looks like they've been stretched vertically.


8:21 Best Animated Film is a tough category! Up was awesome, but I also loved The Princess & The Frog and Coraline.

8:18 John Lithgow thanking his wife: Sweet!

Best Supporting Actor TV… I am rooting for Ben Linus for some reason.

Did you see Julia Roberts dis NBC? Clip here. Also, Neil Patrick Harris showed off his Botox here.


8:12 "Cheers! Have a great night!"

Okay, so I am thinking that I'll drink every time there's an NBC joke. Be afraid for me.


8:10 This category is STACKED. Go Toni Collette, even though I do not watch your show. And go Diablo Cody.

8:09 The first speech has set the bar HIGH. That was perfect.

8:07 She's shaking. She's genuine. The Hollywood Foreign Press loves her!

8:06 Well. Mo'Nique!!

8:05 Nicole Kidman's nipples.

8:03 Good to know Kiefer Sutherland can laugh off jokes about his violent temper.


8:02 "Penis reduction."

Ricky Gervais starts immediately with the Steve Carrell jokes.

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