Live Blog: NBC's Golden Globes Red Carpet Coverage

Ugh, Billy Bush.

7:54 Tina Fey: "It's not rain, it's God crying for NBC."

7:51 Julia Roberts dissing NBC: Much-needed, in this otherwise boring show.

7:35 If the drinking game is jokes/comments about the weather, then we will be drunk very soon.


7:33 Tobey Maguire, did you seriously NOT shave?

7:32 Sandra should have put on the Snuggie!

7:31 Sandra Bullock: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

7:28 Mickey Rourke's girlfriend is stunning, but I love the guys whose job it is hold the umbrellas but wear sunglasses.

OMG Mariah and Nick. Her decolletage is impressive. Hate the earrings. They shouldn't touch the shoulders!

7:26 Any of you guys out there playing drinking games? Suggestions welcome.

7:25 Samuel L. Jackson brushing off Robert Downey Jr.'s shoulders: Awesome.

7:24 Simon Baker, I love you because of Something New. That is all.

7:22 Calista Flockhart's dress is quite pretty, in a retro/flapper/Theda Bara way.


7:21 Gerard Butler is dashing. Yeah, I said it. DASHING.

7:16 I forgot to mention it, but it was deliciously bitchy when Chloë Sevigny said, of the rain, "Someone should have put a tarp up."


7:15 Loving Kate Hudson's dress. So far no one has said anything interesting, however.

7:14 Colin Firth is showing off his diamond cufflinks and buttons.

7:13 Courteney Cox's earrings: Huge.

7: 11 OH HAI Buff Werewolf. Taylor Lautner is not sure where Taylor Swift is.

7:11 Billy Bush didn't ask Bradley Cooper about the A-Team movie.

7:10 I don't think I like January Jones' dress, which makes me sad.
Marion Cotillard looks amazing!


7:09 Tracey Morgan was pretty funny. I love that Jeff Bridges has been with his wife for 35 years.

7:07 Oh. now I know what Vanessa Minnillo is doing at the awards. Hosting for NBC.

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