Liv Tyler Gives Birth to Tiny Human Lula Rose Gardner

Actress Liv Tyler—who you may have recently seen in The Leftovers and adored once upon a time in Empire Records—has given birth to a baby girl. She and fiancé David Gardner have named her Lula Rose Gardner.


As E! News reports, Tyler did not disclose the baby’s sex to the public when she announced her pregnancy last January. She did post to Instagram a luminous black and white photo of herself, modeling her baby bump on the beach.

Tyler and Gardner already have a son together, the one-year-old Sailor. Tyler also has a son—Milo, 11 years old—from her previous marriage to Royston Langdon. The boys, Tyler has previously told E! News, are very fond of one another, with Milo doting on the little one.

The couple now must navigate wedding planning while adjusting to Lula’s arrival. But as Tyler explained to E! News, “the universe only gives you what you can handle, so then I say thank you for giving me so much because I can handle it.”

Gardner also composed an Instagram tribute to his new daughter, using the photo from Tyler’s post. He writes, “Our gorgeous baby girl has arrived, ‘Lula Rose Gardner,’ unbelievably beautiful, healthy, and thank goodness she looks like her Momma!!!! Truly blessed <3 Daddies’ girl...Now the real work starts training her big brothers to all become ninjas, martial arts experts, and 24/7 bodyguards!”

Images via Instagram.


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