Little Tap Dance Star Doesn't Give a Damn, Dances as She Pleases

Whatever choreography was originally planned for the performance was probably great and all, but this tiny tapper's original moves are sheer gleeful brilliance. I would say that this little girl stole the show, but child please, those other girls didn't have it to begin with. My only wish for her is that she one day finds tights that correspond to her skin tone.

[via Daily Dot]


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I have to post an unpopular dissenting opinion here. As a mother with a little dancer just this age and a former children's theater director I have to say that children like this can be a nightmare. She does not seem like a child so caught up she doesn't realize what's happening, she's obviously seeking attention. The hardest part for me is when she's trying to engage the little girl next to her and trying to get her to act out too. Some of these girls take this very seriously and have worked for months on this routine. What may make for a cute video out of context makes for a dance class where this girl is being disruptive and causing trouble by not listening. There are times when the respectful, proper thing to do is stay in line and do what everyone else is. A chorus dance is not the place to be a star. You are only pulling attention and being unfair to the other girls who are supposed to be having their moment too. Save it for a solo.