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Little Golden Book

Illustration for article titled Little Golden Book

"The Country Bunny's message: plucky little girl bunnies who defy prejudice and believe in themselves can grow up to become fully actualized lady bunnies who raise smart, happy, kind children and do fulfilling work outside the warren." [NewYorker]


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OMG, I love this book! We read it every Easter when I was a kid (despite our household being agnostic/atheist; it doesn't contain any religious messages), and when my niece was little I used to read it to her. The message is great, the illustrations are lovely and colorful. And I loved reading about the tasks that each of the little bunnies had.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see this - this isn't one of those books that many people seem to remember (possibly because it's a pretty old book; my mom might have even read it when she was a kid - I'm not sure).