Little Girl Sent Home from School Because of 'Faddish' Dreadlocks

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It's nearing the end of the day, so why not go out with a news story so infuriating that it might actually make your blood boil? A 7-year-old girl named Tiana Parker was recently sent home from Deborah Brown Community School, the charter school she attends in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for failing to comply with school policy. Her violation? Tiana, who is African American, has dreadlocks and school rules state that “hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and other faddish styles are unacceptable.”

Wait, wait, wait. Faddish? Seriously?

Curious how two of the three hairstyles explicitly banned by the school happen to be two of the ways black women can wear their hair without processing it. The term "faddish" also seems remarkably inappropriate considering how human beings have been 'froing and locking their hair for the entirety of our species' existence. That is one hell of a long running fad.


“She went to the school last year and didn’t have any problems,” Terrance Parker, Tiana's father — who happens to be a barber — told KOKI, the local Fox affiliate. “It hurt my feelings to the core.”

He also remarked, “She’s always presentable. I take pride in my kids looking nice.”

Tiana, an A student, now attends a new school.


Tulsa school sends girl home because ‘dreadlocks’ and ‘afros’ are too distracting [Raw Story]

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I see comments here and on the original site about how people were sent home for having dyed hair, shaved hair or whatever.

I agree that hair shouldn't be an issue.

But this is an issue beyond having dyed purple hair, or shaving pictures in your head. This is a choice. Hair shouldn't be an issue but it's still a choice.

This is about how the NATURAL way of a child's hair is against the rules!

Imagine if you were blonde (as it seems it is mostly white people talking about this), and blonde hair was against the school rules so YOU WERE FORCED TO DYE YOUR HAIR BLACK to attend school. Or if you have straight hair and you were forced to use chemicals to PERM IT because straight hair is not allowed.

My hair is natural and I won't straighten my hair. The most I would do is to texturise it as I'm sick of the single strand breakage and I'm still debating whether to do that.

I still have dermatitis on my scalp from where my scalp was burned from caustic chemicals as a child. It's sodium hydroxide (LYE) or calcium hydroxide that straightens your hair. I have sensitive skin. Yes, I got the vaseline treatment but even though this happened more than 2o years ago, I still get regular scabs from those burned areas. I once had a chunk of skin as big as a fingernail lift off from my scalp and you could see all the little holes where the pores were. That's basically what they are saying this child should do to go to school which is utter bullshit.

So much more different from whether you chose to dye your hair purple and you were sent home