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Little Girl Saddened to Learn That President Obama Isn't Beyoncé

Illustration for article titled Little Girl Saddened to Learn That President Obama Isnt Beyoncé

On Thursday, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hit an elementary school to spiff up the place and stuff backpacks with nice things, maybe get a few photos with some cute kids — you know the routine. The problem is, one kid named Madison was really expecting the day's special guest to be someone else — specifically, Beyoncé.


When Mrs. Knowles-Carter didn’t show and Madison got Obama instead, she made do, bravely telling the POTUS, according the Daily News:

"I really wanted it to be Beyoncé," she said, "but then I realized it was gonna be you."

"Malia and Sasha would feel the same way," the President smiled.

Touché. Even the FLOTUS agreed with Madison.

"I'd rather see Beyoncé," Michelle Obama responded.

Wouldn’t we all?

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The Gaysian

Hey. Hey. Hey. Let's not be too hasty here. Michelle Obama is still flawless.