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Little Boys With Long Hair Trend Sweeps Brooklyn

Illustration for article titled Little Boys With Long Hair Trend Sweeps Brooklyn

"Two mothers interviewed for this article independently cited a Florence-Henderson-as-Carol-Brady shag when searching for a way to describe a particular cut sported by little boys they know."


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LaComtesse's rules for haircuts

As soon as the child expresses any interest whatsoever, s/he can decide what to do with it. You want it short? Cool. You want to be bald? Awesome. You want to never cut it? Just make sure it's brushed and we're fine. Until s/he does express an interest, Monsieur and I will pick.

LaComtesse's rules for dying hair

No dying hair until high school. Once a child hits high school age, s/he may dye his/her hair with the ominous and constant warning that, once you dye your hair, you can't UN-dye it, and you will probably start down a path of constant upkeep.