Listening To Adele Might Get You A Date

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If you want to boost traffic to your online dating profile, it's time to start listening to Adele. At least on one dating site, fans of the singer are the "luckiest in love."


Dating site, which matches up users based on what music they like, measured the popularity of its daters using its "Lucky in Love" index: a combination of incoming messages, replies to outgoing messages, and profile views. They found that Adele fans were Luckiest, followed by such acts as Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes. Unluckiest: Metallica fans.

Tastebuds doesn't appear to have control for any confounding factors here — not even gender. They write, "Why could this be? Perhaps it's because Adele fans are likely to be female." They may also skew young — fans of Nirvana and The Beatles, who may be older on average than Adele listeners, got far fewer incoming messages on average (and at least on OkCupid, the number of incoming messages women get decreases with age). This doesn't explain the relative unpopularity of Katy Perry fans, though — maybe people are just scared they might start shooting fireworks from their boobs. And Tastebuds has a rather uncharitable analysis of Metallica fans' poor showing:

You're 50% more likely to get chatted up if you're into Adele than if your favourite act is Metallica … which doesn't surprise us that much, to be honest. We can put up with weepy, introspective girlfriends, but who wants a deaf, leather-clad piercing board who never takes a bath? Not us.

Ouch. Of course, what this study really shows is that as cool as a music-based dating site may seem, you'll still have to deal with snobs who hate your favorite band.

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Okay, that does it. I'm joining an online dating site just so I can find out how admirers of Belle & Sebastian and Magnetic Fields fare out there in cyberlovespace.

That is, I'm joining another site...besides just posting in gawkerdating.