Listen to This Sweet, Serious Child Lego Designer Explain Her Process

Screengrab via Mashable.
Screengrab via Mashable.

Sienna is a 9-year-old from London whose Lego set design will be sold in stores starting September 1. She is also incredibly calming in her no-nonsense approach to envisioning your dream world and BUILDING it, folks!

Mashable conducted an interview with Sienna, the first child Lego designer ever, in which she exhibits the model of her soon to be available mass-produced set: a Lego-version of her fantasy garden. The garden includes a swing set, the dog who belongs to her grandma, a treehouse, and a rock-climbing wall. Everything you need to stay cheerful, active, and dreamy all summer long.

“I love how you can build anything with Lego,” says Sienna. “You don’t have to just follow the instructions.”


She’s so wise! I’m probably reading too much into Sienna’s ability to build a world outside the box, but I think we’re all in need of a little positive praxis, even if it’s on a miniature scale.

Sienna submitted her design a contest Lego held last December, with a drawing she’d done of her fantasy set for the Lego Friends range, noting there was no playground for that Lego world. After she won she was flown to Denmark to work on the design with real Lego engineers. And who can argue with all these details Sienna made so central to her schematics:

“It took a while to stick the treehouse onto the tree because it was all twisting and I had to try and stick it on so it wouldn’t fall off,” she says.

A lot of thought went into the toys in Sienna’s playground, which is modelled around some of her biggest hobbies. “I put in the rock climbing bit because I love rock climbing and I go every Sunday. I put in monkey bars because I love monkey bars and my arms are quite strong.”


Sienna told Mashable that she would like to grown up and make Lego designs professionally because you don’t “just type words into a computer.” Ouch.

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I love this, but I really dislike the Lego Friends line. Aside from the fact that there should NOT be “girl” lego (which implies that all other lego are for boys), it upsets me greatly that the Lego friends don’t look like lego people.

Ok. A girl wants to build a purple house with a hair salon or whatever. WHY DO THE PEOPLE HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT!?