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Listen to Niia's Body-and-Self-Loving Sex Jam 'Body'

Illustration for article titled Listen to Niias Body-and-Self-Loving Sex Jam Body

The chorus goes, "we could be strangers in the night, we could be lovers, as long as you love my body, babe." Which is kinda like saying, dude, you better come correct.


Niia Bertino is the jazz-schooled daughter of an Italian classical pianist. She came up under the tutelage of Wyclef Jean after touring a studio with her college jazz vocal class where he was recording. Now 25, she's about to drop a jazz-influenced EP called Generation Blue, from which "Body" is taken. Recently, she did a Ted Talk about choosing music over celebrity, and encouraging people to know their own feelings about music are valid, among other things. If you've ever wanted see someone make up a jazz song on the spot using lyrics from a complete stranger's text conversation, check it out.

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Falcon Depth Brunch

I'm really loving this throwbackish late 80's early 90's R&B thing that is happening right now with FKA Twigs, Banks, Jessie Ware, Sam Smith, Blood Orange, Twin Shadow and the resurgence of Queen Mary J. This shit is straight up sexy as hell. I'm not gonna make any babies to it but imma practice.