Oh yes. Yes to all of this.

Last week, Neil Gaiman popped over to the New York Public Library to do a reading of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol because he loves you. That's the logical conclusion, really.

Hosted by author Molly Oldfield, author of The Secret Museum, the event featured Neil Gaiman coming on stage actually dressed as Charles Dickens before launching into his reading. The intro by Molly Oldfield is thoroughly amusing, including her description of how Mr. Dickens would prepare for his own public readings (which included rum, champagne, and other festive adult beverages).

He dressed himself up as Dickens. The author even read from a "prompt copy" of the novel the library has, which has notes in it written by Dickens himself. It was made especially for public readings such as this one.

So take a seat, pour a nice hot, spiced something with bourbon in it, sit back, relax and listen to this man pour over the words of Dickens. Merry Christmas, indeed!