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Lisa Vanderpump's Past Life As An '80s Music Video Seductress

From the very first episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was my favorite. It could have been her accent, her clothes, her attitude, or more likely, her dog Giggy. But a new and far greater reason for Lisa being my favorite Real Housewife has emerged: Lisa Vanderpump was an 80s music video hottie.


Vanderpump served as the muse for the band ABC and appeared in multiple music videos for the band. At left she plays Samantha, star of the song "Poison Arrow" and partakes in casting spells on the band's lead singer, fiercely applying lipstick, and — you guessed it — posing with a bow and arrow. She's the villain that drives the entire music video and somehow the temptress has magical powers that turn ABC's lead singer into a tiny man with one blow of pixie dust. Hey, it was the 80s — these kinds of unreal plot points in music videos weren't questioned back then.

A quick foray into Vanderpump's IMDb profile reveals the Bravolebrity appeared on the American television series Baywatch Nights and Silk Stalkings and made her way into film with the 1995 flop Separate Lives. If anyone has video of either performance, you know what to do. (Post 'em in the comments!)

[YouTube via AOL TV]

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Sigh. I'm old. I totally remember this and when I saw the first promo for Real Housewives, I was like, "Heyyy, that's the chick from the old ABC video." Alas, none of my friends would listen.

(Also, Vanderpump. VANNNDERPUMP. Every time I hear that name, it's like the first time. I laugh, I cry. I repeat it aloud incessantly. Gah, that name!)