Lisa Vanderpump Will NOT be Destroyed by Puppygate!

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Lisa Vanderpump has been accused by her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars of planting the seeds for a potential new show, all about her animal rescue shelter Vanderpump Dogs, in the latest season of RHOBH. True to form, though, Vanderpump doesn’t seem to give a shit.


In her latest blog post for Bravo, she says she retreated on RHOBH this season, in part because she was mourning her brother, who died by suicide. But she writes that Vanderpump’s friend and castmate Kyle Richards to come to her house and side with other castmates Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley, who say Vanderpump used this season of RHOBH as advertising for Vanderpump Dogs, crossed a line:

Then, for me to put my hand to God and swear on my children’s life and still have my friend disbelieve me is unacceptable. I assure you, if any of my friends were as vociferous in their statement of innocence, holding up their children’s life...guess what? I would believe them.

Vanderpump goes on to tell her side of Puppygate, which involved finding out that the dog Kemsley had adopted from Vanderpump Dogs had been dropped off at a center with “euthansia facilities” via “email on police headed note paper.” She doesn’t blame Kemsley, necessarily:

I don’t believe for one minute that Dorit would’ve knowingly left the puppy in a shelter, but she was guilty of a careless choice.

Still, all this bad juju on the show just reaffirms Vanderpump’s decision to lean out of RHOBH currently and focus on her work with animals.

Frankly, the synopsis is that I have always endeavored to protect Dorit and I was accused of it once more. But, I don’t give a damn at this point. As all of the women focus on who is to blame for exposing Puppy Gate, I choose to focus on the excellent work my foundation does on a daily basis.


If only there was some way we could learn more about that... Hmmm.


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Did LVP want the “puppygate” storyline out? Probably, yes.

Did Teddi lie by acting as if it was all this huge set up by LVP? Yes.

Is Kyle excited that her seeming long-running plans to knock LVP appear to be working (“is” meaning, during the season; not in the social media reaction world that seems to be strongly LVP)? Yes

Is Lisa Rinna (who I normally love as a crazy, kooky fun person) now jumping on this chance, any chance to try to take LVP down? Yes

Did Kyle, Lisa R., and Teddi conspire to get the story about LVP out? Assuredly, yes.

Should the real story be that Dorit gave up the second dog she got from Vanderpump dogs to a friend (perhaps a stranger or perhaps the shelter it self) instead of bringing it back to Vanderpump dogs, as she did with the first dog [As opposed to the story being who let the story get out]? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY.

Did Dorit’s belongings actually get stolen? Likely not.

Is Erika really irritating me this season so far? Yes, and I used to love her.