Lisa Vanderpump Says She Isn't Leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yet

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Despite the previous days of drama alluding to the contrary, Lisa Vanderpump claims that she hasn’t quit Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just yet.


A brave soul at Entertainment Tonight attended her 3rd Annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday to get the scoop, and the scoop is: “I haven’t said anything for two months. Now, everybody’s been talking about this. I’ve just been going about my business and doing my things,” she told ET. “I am in the show. I have not quit, and if I did quit, it wouldn’t just be a leaked story. I would be upfront, and I have a lot of loyalty to the production company and the network.” A true Vanderpumpian response, if there ever was one.

She also alluded to months of infighting between cast members and the tragic passing of her brother in April, admitting to “skipping” some parts of the show:

“But it has been a difficult season...But it’s been a difficult year for me personally, and the season was very challenging. So I’m in a lot of it, but there are some parts I skip, and I think people have seen that.”

ET, busting every gossip bubble, tried to confirm if RHOBH’s forthcoming Season 9 will be her last. Vanderpump said that “remains to be seen,” adding:

“I’m just concentrating on this season. I’m concentrating on this party tonight, which is all about raising as much money for these poor creatures, and we’re also in China now, we’ve opened a sanctuary there. It’s about celebrating this week because we’re opening a restaurant in Vegas, so that’s been announced. And it’s about, again, Vanderpump Rules is coming out, and it’s a lot of fun.”

...Far more fun than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has been for quite sometime. Whether she’ll be quitting sooner than later is still unclear, but I’ve watched enough hours of her manipulating her closest girlfriends to know the end is most likely near. When it comes, we’ll hear it from her first.

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Blue Haze

Lisa Vanderpump will never, ever, ever walk away from RHoBH willingly.

It’s tons of free publicity for her businesses. She’s never giving that up.

The real story is that her favorite producers have left the show and she no longer has the level of control over how she is portrayed that she used to have. These parts of the season that she’s “skipping” were actually times that she was having hissy fits and refusing to film because she can’t manipulate her new producers the same way.

She is probably the Housewife whose image is the most disperate from the reality of who they really are, and she wants to keep it that way.