Lisa Robin Kelly, Star of That '70s Show, Has Died at Age 43

Oh, this is awful. Lisa Robin Kelly—who played Eric's older sister Laurie on That '70s Show—passed away in her sleep last night at age 43. Kelly had reportedly just checked into a rehabilitation facility, but went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

We spoke with Kelly's agent who tells us the actress had just voluntarily checked herself in for treatment for an alcohol problem this past week ... and was determined to clean herself up.

The agent tells us, "She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle."

Sources tell us Lisa had been in and out of rehab centers hoping to kick her alcohol problem ... and most recently fell off the wagon after a huge dispute with her estranged husband Robert Gilliam.

Sources say ... Kelly's estranged husband beat her last May to obtain residual money from her show. He was convicted of domestic battery last month and sentenced to 3 years probation. He also served 35 days in jail for the beating.

Condolences to her friends and family. [TMZ]

Orson Scott Card is being a dick again:

Obama will claim we need a national police force in order to fight terrorism and crime. The Boston bombing is a useful start, especially when combined with random shootings by crazy people.

Where will he get his "national police"? The NaPo will be recruited from "young out-of-work urban men" and it will be hailed as a cure for the economic malaise of the inner cities.

In other words, Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs, and send them out to channel their violence against Obama's enemies.


OKEY DOKEY, WEIRDO. I'd like to take this moment to reiterate my previous stance on Orson Scott Card's garbage opinions: Yo, Orson, I’mma let you finish being homophobic, but Ender’s Game is like the most homoerotic book about naked boys wrestling in the shower of all time. [HuffPo]

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Seize: it's about ethics in gossip journalism

Alright SERIOUSLY? This Ender's Game promo makes me want to kill.


This one has numbers guys. You green? Super green.

1) Do they only make one soundtrack for movies now? Surely there are unemployed musicians in Hollywood cogent enough to write an original score.

2) Orson Scott Card: you cannot write a book with no women and have it not be accused of being gay - at best. Really, your book was mindbogglingly sexist, and calling it gay is just a bunch of slightly less educated people trying to tell you that there's something wrong about the way your book was structured on a functional level. There is no fucking reason why there was only one female in that school; you are an ass. Above and beyond that, your book was extremely gay. We're talking Horatio Hornblower levels of gay here. The young nubile males taking toadying supportive feminized roles in your narrative - all to avoid the morally perilous involvement of prepubescent women in a story about children - made me feel like I was in a 70's porno bathhouse. Like Caligula was going to storm out at any instant. Like a creepy Classics teacher was about to teach me that, well son, catamites were real.

3) Back to my scifi issues: please don't fucking shoot the big gun in the preview. Your movie is horrible; there is literally no reason I could think of why I would watch it, save for wanting to see how you handle the story's "big reveal" and of course the effects you choose for the MD Device. Don't put your Death Star in the preview. Also, to the auteur: really glad to see that the one moral quality of your books - your opposition to genocide of unpersonable beings - was wrung out of you by Hollywood. It goes bang at the end. Great. And here I was thinking the humans would lose.

4) Harrison Ford how much money are they paying you?! Also, inserting adult male figures into a story about warring prepubescent boys complicated feelings - um, okay. If I didn't know better I would accuse you of attempting to use signal strength to turn my gaydar into a weapon.

5) Speaking of which, did I notice that correctly - is one of the adult males inserted (seamlessly!) into this plot a white guy with an accent and facial tattoos? Are we really still exoticizing race for shits and giggles in science fiction? Are the Maori okay with this, or whoever you're actually cribbing? Did Avatar teach you nothing? Oh, uh....okay...oh, you made a shitload of money on that? Well. I can't say you never learn. But I can say this: Hollywood, fuck you, you are racist.

*drops the mic*