Lisa Frank's Clothing Line Comes In Grown-Up Sizes

Steel your inner '90s middle-school-aged girl who likes rainbows and unicorns and cuddly dolphins and pink: Lisa Frank has a clothing line. And yes, plenty of styles are available in adult sizes. [Racked]

Harvey Nichols would like you to avoid the walk of shame this holiday season. Not by not going out and getting drunk and sleeping with arguably inappropriate people, silly — by wearing a nice enough dress that you'll be able to walk home with your head held high, secure in the knowledge that you ain't ashamed of nuttin'! [Copyranter]



Is anyone surprised that Karlie Kloss's Vogue Italia editorial is making the rounds on pro-ana sites? Fashion is where those "communities" source most of their thinspo. What makes this interesting is that Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani has frequently spoken out against pro-ana sites, and started a petition to get them taken down. As Fashionista notes, "it's pretty ironic, then, that the very same magazine dedicating to 'battling' anorexia, would wind up producing a shoot that, to some, seemed to promote the disease." [Fashionista]


Meanwhile, here's Kloss in a new Dior Beauty campaign. Photoshop or eye-tape? Discuss. [Modelinia]


Crystal Renn, Lakshmi Menon, and Diana Dondoe walked in yesterday's Chanel pre-fall show in Paris. Some of the models had their hair styled into soft-looking faux dreadlocks. Must have taken forever to undo. [Fashionologie]


Longchamp hired a choreographer to direct the models in its spring campaign, which included Coco Rocha (pictured) and Liisa Winkler. [WWD]


Miranda Kerr is naked in the new issue of Industrie, which includes one writer's hilariously poorly copy-edited account of interviewing her. [The Cut]


If you want to get your hands on a copy of the limited-edition, not-for-sale 2012 Pirelli calendar, unveiled yesterday in New York City, a couple have already been listed on eBay. Bidding on the cheapest one currently starts at $700. You could also ask us very nicely for ours. [EBay]

  • Cathy Horyn hates your blog.

    "One of the things I notice about a lot of fashion blogs is that the writing is not supported by information or a depth of knowledge about the business or the design process. They lack reporting, which demands specific skills–being a good observer, developing sources, knowing what is relevant."

    [Hoot, via Fashionista]

    Ungaro's new C.E.O. quit already. [WWD]

    Christian Dior has long made a "skin brightening" product line, Diorsnow, but is reportedly ramping up its skin whitening effectiveness for 2012. It's adding "Icelandic glacial water" to Diorsnow, which, explains Dior's scientific communications director, "has proven in our labs its power not only to counteract the production of melanin in skin cells, but also to act in favor of all skin transparency features." Diorsnow with Icelandic water will "go beyond whitening toward immaculate transparency." (Transparency in the context of skin reminds us of nothing so much as that creepy Kevin Bacon movie where he goes invisible, layer by layer. Oh my God, remember Hollow Man? Whatever happened to Elisabeth Shue, anyway?) Never forget that "beauty" = "having white skin." [Radaronline]

    In this interview, T editor Sally Singer says that she thinks an over-reliance on retouching has led to an aesthetic of "sterility" in fashion photography:

    "I think what fashion photographers have been reckoning with is a kind of — it's not oversexed, I think it's over-manipulated. It's not even retouching, it's just digital. It's just being able to manipulate. I think we've come from a period in which digital has allowed an idea of perfection. The limits of film versus the vast Saharan desert of digital, I think, just has photographers are playing with notions of perfection and the kind of sterility that can result from that."

    An interesting remark from a woman who just put a photo of Viggo Mortensen, looking as smooth and unlined as a teenager, on the cover of her magazine. [The Cut]

    J. C. Penney just bought a minority stake in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. And as soon as Martha's Macy's contract expires, in January of 2013, expect to start seeing "distinct Martha Stewart retail stores, which will be staffed by trained Martha Stewart associates, within J.C. Penney chains." [WWD]

    Pantone, one of those companies that normally works behind the scenes in fashion, advising designers on color trend forecasting, is taking the unusual step of launching a collaboration with Sephora. If you've been craving "chiefly tangerine- and orange-shaded cosmetics and beauty accessories," next March will be your chance. [WWD]

    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer had more viewers (12 million) than the Victoria's Secret show (10.4 million). [WaPo]

    And now, a moment with Heidi Klum. Heidi, why do you like perfume?

    "It's almost kind of like great underwear. No one can really see it but it makes you feel sassier and sexier."

    Spoken like a woman with a fragrance contract. [People]

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