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On Saturday, Lisa Bloom resigned as Harvey Weinstein’s attorney. She’s moving on, and she thinks all the people giving her grief about defending one of Hollywood’s allegedly worst predators should too.

Bloom’s attempts to transform Weinstein from creepo shower pervert to redeemed ally confused many, based on her history of defending women in court. One theory as to why Bloom, daughter of noted women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred—who, interestingly enough, will hold a press conference later today with a new accuser of Weinstein’s—would support Weinstein was his producing credit on a six-episode adaptation of her book on the Trayvon Martin case. There was also a suggestion that any money Weinstein won in court would be distributed to women’s organizations.


However, the optics of the situation have continued to deteriorate, as more and more stories implicating Weinstein have come out. Shortly after her resignation, The Huffington Post shared leaked emails in which it seemed as though Bloom had suggested undermining accusers by showing them being friendly in public with Weinstein (though she has since argued she was just saying that that was likely to happen):

Tomorrow there will be more and different reporting, highlighting inaccuracies, including photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.

So, people are still mad, despite Bloom’s disassociation from The Man. That includes Bloom herself, as a series of tweets she published Monday night seem to indicate:

The nation is indeed angry.