Lindy West Is Proud of the 'Boring' Abortion Scene in Shrill

Even when abortions are depicted in movies and TV, they are often accompanied by physical complications or feelings of self-doubt and regret. Only in the past few years have a select few shows managed to get abortion stories right on screen.

One of those shows is Shrill, a new comedy on Hulu from writer and Jezebel alum Lindy West. Shrill has already received a great deal of praise for its attempt at genuine body inclusivity, but it also deserves recognition for including a realistic abortion in its pilot episode.


West stopped by the Jezebel offices to speak with editor-in-chief Julianne Escobedo Shepherd about how showing positive abortion experiences in movies and TV can help pro-choice advocates fight back against the popular narrative that abortions are scary and shameful.

In the video above, West explains why these stories are especially significant today and talks more about making Shrill body positive.


Watch the first video from their conversation here.

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The Noble Renard

Love Lindy West’s writing. Her piece on why Love, Actually is a terrible movie is still one of my favorite takedowns of a movie ever written and I guess that means I really should check out Shrill! Anyone else watched it and can recommend?