Lindsay Parties With Marilyn Manson, Gets "Belligerently Drunk"

Lindsay Lohan says she's focused on sobriety and proving that she's employable, but reports of her weekend exploits suggest she may have fallen back into old habits. On Saturday Lindsay went to a Hollywood nightclub with a group of friends. A man who was at a nearby table says, "Lindsay appeared to be belligerently drunk. She and her people were doing shots of something all night. She looked like she was falling all over the place. She was being stupid." Someone else at his table took a picture of Lindsay, and, "she grabbed my friend's wrist, another woman who was with Lindsay grabbed the camera. She kept saying ‘I need that camera' over and over again. So the woman got it and sunk it into the ice bucket." The camera was destroyed, but the memory card didn't get wet, so you can check out a blurry photo of Lindsay sitting with her friends at the link. [Radar]
Lindsay followed up this incident by taking her 17-year-old sister Ali to the DeLeon Tequila Anniversary party on Sunday night. She spent time with Marilyn Manson, but says she wasn't ordering cocktails. She told E!, "I don't drink ... I was there to see The Kills because my friend's in the band." [E!]


Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi wants her to testify in his defamation suit against Spears and her parents, but her conservators say she's "mentally incapable" of taking the stand. [E!]


Sources say that on the night he was arrested Rick Springfield yelled at a deputy, "If you tow my car I will fucking kill you and your family." The police report says he was "belligerent," but this specific quote was omitted. [TMZ]

  • Neve Campbell's divorce from actor John Andrew Light has been finalized. [E!]
  • Glenn Beck is holding another rally this summer, but this one's in Jerusalem. "I invite you to join me in Israel this summer to stand together and show the world what living a life of faith and honor really means," said Beck. "I invite you to join me in my quest to Restore Courage." True patriots, we urge you to road trip across the Atlantic! [The Wrap]
  • Useless fact of the day: Johnny Depp and Queen Elizabeth II are 20th cousins. [E!]
  • End of an era most kids aren't even aware of: Jerry Lewis will host the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon for the final time this summer. [UPI]
  • You'd better sit down for this: Chord Overstreet dyed his hair brown. [E!]
  • Sad stuff: Jennifer Aniston's dog Norman died a few weeks ago at age 15. Her rep says, "He was an old dog and it was just his time." [People]
  • Pippa Middleton went on a not-necessarily sexy boat ride with her ex-boyfriend while vacationing in Spain with a group of friends. [Radar]
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones discusses incest and attempted child murder at the link. [N.Y. Mag]
  • When asked about marriage and babies in her new Harper's Bazaar interview, Britney Spears said, "I've thought about both ... So if the timing was right . . ." Scintillating. [Us]

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