Lindsay Lohan's April Fool's Day Prank Was That Prestigious Universities Want Her for Speeches 😢

My heart aches. My stomach hurts. My brain is is foggy. I have no idea what to believe. Let me take a deep breath. So, Sunday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan shared a series of videos on her Instagram story (seen above) in which she claimed to have been asked to give an upcoming commencement address at Harvard Law School.

“I’m really really honored, and I couldn’t be happier,” she said, after revealing a letter she claims to have been sent to her from the esteemed institution. “My work with has finally paid off. Who needs Hollywood when you have [gasp] Harvard Law!!!!”


As you probably know by now, her “work with” includes frequent references to on her social media channels, appearances in team building videos for, and a Lindsay Lohan-centric redesign of It’s that work that inspired Harvard (and, per two images shared Monday morning) Cambridge, and Oxford to invite her to speak at their campuses.

But wait. What was yesterday? Ah, right. April Fools’ Day.

And wait, what do these emails actually say? Let’s take a closer look at the one from The Oxford Union:

Computer, enhance:


First of all, there are several typos in this. Second of all, this is clearly a prank. Third of all, oh my god nothing has ever been a bigger prank than “your... gritty work in cinematic projects such as Liz and Dick.”

Lindsay! I think you’re being fooled!!!!!

I’ve reached out to all three institutions for comment, but only Harvard has written back (so far). In an email, they told Jezebel, “There is no factual basis for that claim.”



1: LOL


2: What about Ben???????????


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