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Lindsay Lohan, That Arabic Phrase Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Oh dear. Lindsay Lohan posted that image to Instagram earlier today. Pretty! Except “أنت حمار” doesn’t mean “you’re beautiful,” it means “You’re a donkey,” or, literally, “You’re a jackass.”


LiLo last ran into a little Arabic-language difficulty in January, when she posted a photo mourning the passing of King Abdullah, but using the words “Inshallah,” (God willing) and “Wallahi” (I promise by God), neither of which make any sense whatsoever in context.

Unfortunate, yes, but fucking hilarious nonetheless. The real question here is whether Lindsay will leave it up or quietly take it down and go have a word with whoever’s trolling her. Both? I might opt for both.


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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

Reminds me of a friend from high school that got the Chinese character for “free spirit” tattooed onto her shoulder.

We were at Canada’s Wonderland later that summer and an older Chinese lady pointed it out and started laughing.

Turns out it actually meant “PROMISCUOUS”.


Eta: The mutual friend who wrote out the character for her totally knew what he was doing and what it said... But he assumed she’d have it double checked before she had it inked. Nope.