Lindsay Lohan Shows Up Late To Community Service Again

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After her probation was revoked for being late and/or absent from community service, Lindsay Lohan pledged to turn over a new leaf. Yet, less than 24 hours later, she showed up 40 minutes late to her shift at the morgue. But it's a totally understandable mistake! She just didn't know which entrance to use. Though, the coroner's office points out that she's been there before. She's only required to complete 16 hours by November 2, so this isn't a violation, but it doesn't look good. Lindsay Tweeted, "With all of the stress and pressure from yesterday and today, I've never been so happy to go to therapy!!! Also, I'm sorry for the confusion that I may of (sic) caused to those at the Coroner's office. Won't happen again, now I know where to go!" [TMZ, Radar]
As any sane person would be, Lindsay is "absolutely freaked out" by the prospect of going back to jail. [Radar]
Dental expert Michael Lohan explains that Lindsay's teeth aren't brownish because she drinks too much Starbucks. "She's smoking either crack or meth, one or the other," he says. "I'm not going to shade it." [Radar]


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A judge has ruled that Courtney Love is responsible for a $100,000 worth of jewelry that went missing after she borrowed it from Jacob & Co. Please work this out quickly, Courtney. We aren't ready to invest in another story about a troubled star who forgot to return some jewelry. [RS]

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  • The Kardashians were "surprised" to learn that President Obama isn't thrilled about his young daughters watching their show because when Khloe met Obama last year he said it was a "great show" rather than declaring, "I think your show is a national embarrassment, but it's so nice to meet you!" TMZ writes: "In fact, the Kardashians believe Sasha and Malia could actually LEARN something from the show ... because it features girls in real-life situations facing real-life problems ... health, relationships, the whole gamut." Yeah, Malia and Sasha should know that you have to be pretty careful when waxing your sister's nether regions in front of a camera crew. [TMZ]

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Despite what you may have heard, Jessica Simpson is no dummy. In addition to the fact that her possible pregnancy is no one's business but her own, she isn't going public yet because she's trying to get a magazine to shell out $500,000 for an exclusive. That isn't just a baby she's (allegedly) carrying, it's a sweet little vacation house. [NYP]

  • Either Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are back on, or his parents just enjoy taking his ex-girlfriends out to dinner. [TMZ]
  • Adam Levine asked Fox News to stop playing Maroon 5 music on their "evil fucking channel," and now Fox News anchors (who are all no longer attending middle school, in case it wasn't clear) are attacking him via Twitter, writing, "Dear Adam Levine, don't make crappy f-cking music again," and "Why did Maroon 5 cross the road? Because crappy music is legal there!" [Us]
  • Were you aware that Seth Green's legal name is Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green? Well, it's not anymore. He just had it legally changed to "reflect my professional stage name." [TMZ]
  • Dustin Lance Black is justifiably pissed at GQ Australia for asking Taylor Lautner if he and Gus Van Sant, who are both gay, hit on him during a dinner. The mag responded, "It certainly wasn't our intention to paint anyone in the story as a sexual predator. The point we were actually trying to push was that Taylor is irresistible to virtually everyone-regardless of sexuality or gender." [E!]
  • Two people who met on The Bachelorette aren't getting married anytime soon? You don't say. Ali Fedotowsky says she and Roberto Martinez are still living together, "We just don't feel the need to walk down the aisle right now." She explains, "We had a very short courtship and we only knew each other nine weeks before we got engaged." [CNN]
  • I desperately want the cute '50s dresses Emma Watson is wearing in these My Week With Marilyn photos. Off to the sewing machine! [ONTD]
  • Prince Harry is fulfilling his persoal mission to make out with American girls who watched too many Disney princess movies when they were little. [Popsugar]

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Rant alert. Can we all please stop with the, but Lindsay has such talent! Such an amazing actress fallen so far!

Lindsay Lohan was a cute little child actress. As many child actors are. She was good in Mean Girls, but let's be real, Rachel McAdams stole the show. And The Parent Trap was cute....I guess. I don't understand this mentality that because she had a smidge of talent, we should keep rooting for her. The truth is, she was good, but was never going to be Meryl Streep or Jodie Foster. Can we all just drop it? She has proven herself to be a spoiled brat, a drug addict, and a compulsive liar. I am sick of the attention paid to her just because she was in 2 good movies.

Let's pay attention to great actresses and solid role models like Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, etc.

End rant.