Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Kicked Out of a Bar for Making Racist Comments, Spitting on Someone

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While everyone else was at home thoughtfully planning their themed Golden Globes party menus on Friday night, Lindsay Lohan was holed up in the bathroom of an NYC bar. Page Six reports the actress and her sister Ali (of “Lohan Holiday” fame) spent “about 20 minutes in the bathroom of VBar in Greenwich Village...when [the bartender] finally knocked on the door and asked the pair to leave.” And they weren’t happy about it.


The bartender spoke to both Radar Online and Page Six about the incident:

Lohan hurled racist insults at the man, he said.

“Are you from Ghana?” she mocked, according to the bartender, who wouldn’t give his name.

She then spat in the face of a customer who tried to intervene, the bartender said.

But their tirade didn’t end with flying spit. Witnesses report that soon after Lohan was kicked out, “a friend of Lindsay’s came to the bar and tried to fight the bartender. He got in his face taking a really aggressive stance and was threatening him.”

That sounds about right. I sort of imagine Lohan’s friends spend most of their nights running around with bloodshot eyes, threatening to beat up everyone who wronged them over the course of that particular evening.

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Farrah Abraham has many feuds. Many feuds has Farrah Abraham. I am one of them, and so are you. So let’s all read this goss. OK, enough of that. Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham got at it on Twitter Sunday afternoon. (Please pardon the vulgarity.)


It began when Minaj tweeted about Abraham’s relationship with her mother. The tweets didn’t make Abraham happy, so she responded with this:


Then, ugh, just read the rest:


Farrah then retweeted websites writing stories about the exchange, and Nicki posted several images of herself smiling. The end.



Well, well, well!


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Twitter fights are pathetic.