Lindsay Lohan Looks For Love In eHarmony Spoof

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Lindsay Lohan has filmed an eHarmony profile parodying what they tabloids have been saying about her post-breakup.


Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Profile from Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay says: "I'm looking for a compatible mate who likes a night out on the town, as long as he or she is driving, of course, likes ankle monitoring bracelets, and doesn't have family members quick to issue restraining orders." Is this a good sign that Linds can joke about the breakup already, or is she a little too flippant about her alcoholism, drug use, and panty-losing past? [Funny Or Die]

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I'm so surprised at the negative reaction here. I think this is hilarious, and reminds me why I have some deep-unexplained desire for her to get her shit together and get back to acting. I may watch it a few more times in an effort to procrastinate.