Let’s consider the scenarios:

Lindsay Lohan is pranking us

1) Pro: Lindsay Lohan has a good sense of humor about her DUIs and related court appearances.


2) Pro: Harvard has not made a formal announcement.

This is serious

1) Pro: Lindsay Lohan is now “ spokesperson, Lindsay Lohan,” meaning she is officially employed by a legal firm.


2) Pro: She is tweeting from Dubai, a location popular amongst high-powered executives to hold think-tank getaways.

3) Pro: Lohan is holding a physical piece of paper, which means that she must have printed out an email attachment–HIGHLY unlikely, as she is under 100 and living in 2018. The more likely alternative is that this was snail mailed. Guess who still uses the postal service?? Ivy League institutions.


4) Pro: Harvard Law is serious about everything.

Harvard is pranking Lindsay Lohan

1) Against: Lohan is tweeting from Dubai, which is a long way to send a letter, not to mention anticipate Lindsay Lohan’s movements. She appears to be in a hotel room.


2) Against: Harvard’s April Fool’s tweet is a photo of an archival exhibition of Harvard Lampoon memorabilia hashtagged: #jokes

3) Against: This would be a very public mean-spirited joke.

An independent actor is pranking Lindsay Lohan

1) Pro: This would be a very public mean-spirited joke. Internettttttt....

I have just spent an hour thinking about promo

1) Pro: Lindsay Lohan is “ spokesperson, Lindsay Lohan.”

2) Pro: In her video, she says “My work with has finally paid off. Who needs Hollywood when you have–Harvard Law!!!”


3) Pro: Her pinned tweet is:

This investigation is ongoing.