Lindsay Leaves Rehab To Go Shopping

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  • Though Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to stay in rehab until January 3, earlier this week she left to go shopping at a nearby Forever 21 because she was running dangerously low on leopard sweaters and pajama bottoms.
  • Store manager Tiffany Bennett reports: "Lindsay came in two days ago with another young woman. Lindsay kept to herself, but was friendly... Her choices were for leisure wear. Lindsay spent about $200 total and she paid for the items herself." [Radar]
  • Michael Lohan sent Lindsay a care package with a smokeless cigarette and $8,000 worth of clothing, including a Rick Owens leather jacket Lindsay asked for. [X17]
  • LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are "pissed" that E! reported their engagement because they were planning to sell the story to another media outlet. [E!]
  • Cameron Diaz and A-Rod's relationship is over. A source claims, "Cameron and A-Rod are no longer dating and have definitely parted ways. He just doesn't like her anymore. That's honestly the reason they split." [Perez]
  • Demi Lovato's dad says he's been receiving death threats since declaring that the pressures of Hollywood got to his daughter. [Radar]
  • Demi Lovato is reportedly doing well in treatment. "She is getting help and on her way to getting better," says a source. [E!]
  • Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have split again, though we didn't know they'd reunited after their last split in August. [People]
  • Miley was photographed drinking a Corona at a club in Madrid, where the drinking age is 18. TMZ called authorities to see if she could be charged since she won't turn 18 until the end of the month, but Spanish authorities said they don't care. [TMZ]
  • A judge has dismissed Suge Knight's lawsuit against Kanye West over a 2005 party at which Knight was accidentally shot in the leg. Suge accused Kanye of not providing adequate security. [E!]
  • E! wonders, "What's Aretha Franklin's mystery ailment?" Uh, none of our business? [E!]
  • Lily Allen Tweeted this morning, "Thank you for all your kind messages... I'm still very sick but the messages are helping me to be stronger. Thank you x x." E!]
  • Supposedly Kim Kardashian is "keepin' it real" by riding the subway in NYC, but I'd argue that Tweeting a picture of yourself pointing at a map during your first subway ride is the opposite of keeping it real. [Perez]
  • Here's a shot of Gwyneth Paltrow performing an "Umbrella"/"Singing In The Rain" mashup on Glee. [E!]
  • Supposedly Jessica Simpson is "deeply saddened" about Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's engagement, even though they divorced years ago and she's in a happy relationship. [Popeater]
  • There are also some shots of Jess looking tipsy, so expect to read about her drowning her sorrows in margaritas next week in Midweek Madness.[ONTD]
  • Angelina and Brad took their older kids zip-lining. We're going to need a psychologist who doesn't treat the stars to explain how this has scarred them for life. [E!]
  • Devon James has finally admitted that her Tiger Woods sex tape is fake. [Radar]
  • Anderson Cooper, upon learning that his mother keeps a life-size cardboard cutout of him in her apartment: "I'm not sure how she got it, but I'm not entirely thrilled she has it, either. But, you know, what are you going to do?" [N.Y. Mag]

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To be fair, F21 has some cute things right now in the leisure category. I'm wearing a gray cardigan with contrast silky fabric and a kind of bustle that's casual but still fun from there. But it's not a good reason to leave rehab, I don't think.

You know, I don't go in much for celeb stuff and I obviously don't know her at all. But I still feel sorry for her. I think she's very talented, and I always hope young stars can avoid the Hollywood drug world.