Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Afraid to Leave the Theater

Saturday evening is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s last performance in Hamilton, and his fans are determined to crush each other to death just to catch a glimpse of him.

On Thursday, Manuel was tweeting with his rabid followers when one begged him to come meet with them on the street after his show:


Manuel responded that he’d love to shake hands with every Broadway Baby waiting out there, but they’d probably all kill each other to be first in line:

But he knows they’re just excited:


The New York Post reports that police put a detail of about 20 cops around the theater to prevent people from blocking traffic/rending the clothing of stars into scrap-bookable shreds. They also say at least one fan was hospitalized after fainting in the heat on Wednesday, and another teen had to be escorted away after having a panic attack. The thought of even approaching this crowd wigs me out, so that’s completely understandable.

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