Lin-Manuel Miranda Becomes the Hyped Grad Student at the Bar on Drunk History's Hamilton Special

Image via Comedy Central.
Image via Comedy Central.

America’s most psyched T.A. (with multiple Tonys) Lin-Manual Miranda appeared on Comedy Central’s Drunk History last night, talking about who else but Alexander Hamilton?


The Hamilton creator’s appearance on the Derek Waters-helmed series has been promoted since July, though, as my colleague Kelly Faircloth previously noted, Miranda, with all the years he devoted to creating his musical, “could tell the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life while sound asleep, much less drunk.”

Turns out that alcohol, as Kelly suspected, wasn’t much of a deterrent in Miranda’s retelling. Even drunk, he seemed much the same as he does in most interviews—purely amped about the life and times of America’s first Secretary of the Treasury (played by Alia Shawkat).

Also starring in the episode is Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr, Bokeem Woodbine as George Washington, Tony Hale as James Monroe, and a few other surprise cameos along the way.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Drunk History has tackled the life of Alexander Hamilton. In fact, the very first episode of the Drunk History web series (2007) is about Hamilton’s fatal duel with Burr. But what the new version lacks in drunk barfing, it makes up for in Miranda’s unstoppable enthusiasm.

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