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Lil TerRio’s “Oooh Killem” Music Video is Just What We Needed

Vine sensation Lil TerRio has been entertaining us for a while now, and now he has graced us with the high def music video we never knew we needed. It takes a while to get used a video lasting longer than six seconds, but it's pretty wonderful mainly because Lil TerRio doesn't rap or anything. The six year old kid just kills 'em with his signature moves. And apparently that's enough to get the attention of DJ Khaled, who apparently is looking to sign the first grader. Via

According to Jesse Edwards, the publicist manning Lil TerRio's upcoming project, "the management are behind [the album]. They're trying to capitalize in any way possible. The kid is 6-years old, he doesn't know what is going on. But he does like rapping. And these ideas for the Vines, these creative ideas, that's all him."


Of course, there are certainly concerns about throwing a six-year-old into the spotlight—it's a terrible idea to put that type of pressure on a child. And "management" hinging their success on the whims of a kid just being a kid, though hilarious, says something pretty bleak about creativity in "the industry." But just you wait. It's only a matter of time before we're all "Cranking that TerRio." As his official Twitter so eloquently puts it:

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Interesting responses. I've seen so many pro-Honey Boo Boo posts on this site and how her Mama June is wonderful because of her message of body acceptance to her children. Yet Lil TerRio is the one being exploited because of one music video. Ok.