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Like Youth Itself, Euphoria Might Be Fleeting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Euphoria, HBO’s phantasmagoric take on Gen Z, may have been renewed for a second season, but, like your ability to party all night without your skin wizening into a flesh-colored raisin, it probably won’t last forever. According to TVLine:

“Well, [the characters] are in high school, so there are only so many seasons it can go,” HBO president Casey Bloys concedes to TVLine of the boundary-pushing breakout teen drama, which was recently renewed for a second season. “There’s a time limit.”

Bloys clearly isn’t familiar with the Skins school of television, in which a new generation of characters is introduced each season. As much as I would miss Rue, Jules and Maddy, I don’t see why fresh blood can’t be brought on as the old characters leave high school and step into new lives outside the small Southern California town they all seem to hate so much. I mean, we could still have Gia! And Roy and Troy, for whatever they’re worth! And Fezco and young Ashtray, who unless they get arrested will most assuredly hang out at that gas station forever!

Luckily, it seems like Bloys maybe doesn’t know anything after all:

That said, Bloys maintains that he and series creator Sam Levinson have not set an end date in stone. “We’ll follow [Sam’s] lead on that,” he says. “There is no set plan. But I don’t think you want 30-year-olds playing [high school students].”


Bloys also apparently hasn’t seen Dawson’s Creek or any other show produced in the 90s. Anyway, if the show keeps raking in as many viewers as it has so far—5.5 million per episode—I’m sure they’ll find a way to make those old teens young again.