Lifetime's Whitney Biopic Trailer Looks Really Good

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Lifetime released a new trailer for their forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic and it doesn't look bad. In fact, it looks good! Miracles can happen, folks; it's Christmas time.

In the clip, which you can watch over a BuzzFeed, Whitney Houston (played by Yaya Dacosta, aka one of the lone America's Next Top Model contestants who have actually transitioned into Hollywood roles) looks pretty realistic and the Clive Davis casting is spot-on, comb over included. Houston is performing, being seduced by Bobby Brown (played by Arlen Escarpeta), snorting cocaine and telling off her mother Cissy Houston in the trailer. All of these moments are pretty realistic to the Whitney we saw over the years, not to mention the interpretation of Houston and Brown's wedding costumes are on point. I am praying for a "Something In Common" video re-make.

Like my colleague Clover said, I'm going to give Angela Bassett's first directorial project a shot on January 17—though I will say that Yaya wasn't sweaty enough. Maybe spray her down in the post?


ps. I still expect a fair amount of cheesiness, it will be a Lifetime movie after all.

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I sincerely hope this biopic does her justice. She was mocked for her addiction (fuck you Mad TV) and that saddened me. I was involved with two addicts. It is not funny and addiction is not to be mocked. It is fucking horrific.