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Lifehouse Torments Southwest Air Passengers With a Surprise Serenade

Illustration for article titled Lifehouse Torments Southwest Air Passengers With a Surprise Serenade

Southwest Air passengers were treated to a lovely surprise performance from the band Lifehouse on Wednesday and I'm guessing they really enjoyed it.


The aural invasion was the result of one of the airline's promotional campaigns, which they thought would be a great viral moment for hundreds of tired, annoyed passengers 40,000 feet in the air. Stereogum reports:

Lifehouse played on this flight yesterday as part of Live At 35, a Southwest promotional deal that involves surprise in-flight performances from bands like Plain White T's, Better Than Ezra, and Five For Fighting.


Lifehouse reportedly performed a new song on the flight. Sure, I remember playing "Hanging On a Moment" on repeat circa 2000 when it first came out, but this is like the opposite of a surprise Beyoncé album. A few live tweets to capture the awesome jam session:


Image via Twitter

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Kenny and the Llamas

Sounds like a subject for a game to me. Worst band to have burst into song on your flight? And no picking Nickelback or Creed, because duh.

I pick Coldplay, because there would definitely be a hundred people singing along to "Yellow" and you'd end up arrested for terrorist threats.