Letters from Harper Lee Fetch $12,500 at Auction

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A batch of letters from Harper Lee to a friend, written between 2005 and 2010 on topics ranging from aging to the inauguration of Barack Obama, has sold at auction for $12,500.

The New York Times says that the letters offer a peek into the mind of a woman who famously gave very few interviews:

In several letters, she shares her skepticism about Christianity. In a letter dated Jan. 20, 2009, she refers to the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, and cites a conversation between the actor Gregory Peck, who played Atticus Finch in the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and President Lyndon B. Johnson, in which they discussed the possibility of a black president. “On this Inauguration Day I count my blessings,” she wrote. “I’m also thinking of another friend, Greg Peck, who was a good friend of LBJ. Greg said to him, ‘Do you suppose we will live to see a black President?’ LBJ said, ‘No, but I wish her well.’ ”

In one letter from 2008, she discusses the frustrations of aging and her declining faculties, writing, “I haven’t got bat sense — I blame drugs, but it’s probably senility.... Everybody here is in dementia of some sort + I am no exception.”


This is a different batch from the one auctioned in 2016, which contained Lee’s thoughts on the Trump Taj Mahal Casino. They were not approving.

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