Letterman And Daily Show Reenact Lady Kanye

After a mostly canned, nostalgically hammy Oscars, Elinor Burkett's interruption of Roger Ross Williams's acceptance speech for best documentary short proved to be the most fertile ground for last night's Daily Show and Late Show.


After getting in his two cents on Burkett ("the woman who runs the snack counter at my synagogue's Purim festival") in the opening monologue, Jon Stewart enlisted John Oliver and Samantha Bee to tie it all into the recent Iraq elections. It's a mashup only The Daily Show could pull off.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Late Show offered a more straightforward take.

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HRH Your Cuntness

I want John Oliver to come do an acceptance speech for everything I receive, from now on. I mean, I don't really receive awards, but he could do it for when the chik-fil-a person hands me my #5, or something.

"I'd like to thank God!! Who said 'Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy!' Which means Chik-fil-a is closed on Sundays which makes me want them even more!! And the nuggets!!! You guys have supported me through college and my 20s! Buffalo sauce! You came late to the scene but it was like you were always there for me! And, oh god, I don't . . . Waffle Fries! I couldn't be full without you!"