Let's Pool Our Money and Buy Jackie Collins' $30 Million Dollar Home

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Prolific author and cultural icon Jackie Collins sadly passed away last September, and now, her $30 million Beverly Hills home has been put on the market. Let’s honor her and buy it.


According to the Wall Street Journal, “the eight-bedroom modern house measures about 20,000 square feet, with terraces overlooking the grounds and the Hollywood Hills. A roughly 100-foot-long art gallery connects the main house to a guest house, which contains offices, a gym and sauna, and a screening room. Outside, the roughly 1-acre property includes a motor court and a swimming pool with a cabana.”


Ms. Collins said she supervised every detail of designing her estate. “From ceilings and sinks to shelves and phone and computer outlets, they all had to be just so,” she said.

Not bad for the house we all plan to share together.

But what will we do with it? Use it as a timeshare? Invite her sister, Joan Collins, over as a permanent guest and let people pay for her to shove them in the pool? I say we turn the space into an Austenland, but for Jackie Collins fans. (Lucky Land? Jackie-verse? Just spitballing here.)

I’ve already made an offer and my money’s in escrow, so Venmo me your share whenever you get a chance.


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You know Joan is just going to show up at the last minute and claim that the entire estate belongs to her.