President Obama has a genuine rapport with the nation’s kids and teens that has made the White House Science Fair a special treat during his tenure, and God knows what the official White House position on “science” will be come March 2017. So let’s take a moment to savor this annual event one last time.

First, some highlights from years past. For instance, the 2012 marshmallow gun:

This is model demonstrates the expansion of polymers, part of a 2014 participant’s sandless sandbags.

Good robot, teens.


Snapshots with Girl Scouts were also good. Look at this bunch of superheroes from 2015:

FYI, these girls also brought him his very own tiara, which he proceeded to wear for a picture.


This year, the president came every bit as determined to have a good time while recognizing these kids’ achievements. Here he is first-bumping a nine-year-old:


He visited with the Girl Scouts again, specifically Troop #1484, who worked to make a local retirement community more eco-friendly.

Here he is controlling a robot via mobile phone, examining a contraption built by a trio of young New Yorkers to clean subway rails.


The accompanying caption on this one explains:

President Barack Obama laughs as he hugs Rebecca Yeung, 11, from Seattle, Wash., next to her sister Kimberly Yeung, 9, as they show him their homemade “spacecraft” that features a photograph of their late cat and is made of archery arrows and wood scraps which they launched into the stratosphere via a helium balloon that records location coordinates, temperature, velocity, and pressure and reports the data back to them.


Not sure what my sister and I were doing at 9 and 11, but it did not involve homemade spacecraft out of archery arrows, wood scraps, and helium balloons.

It almost makes the presidency look fun! (The presidency is the farthest thing imaginable from fun.)


Photos via AP Images, Getty.