Let's List the Most Satisfying School Supplies

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It feels like fall today, and fall will always feel like school supplies: rows of three-hole punch binders with 10-tabbed separates, unscuffed erasers, Sanrio Spotty Dotty pencil bags. Those were my weaknesses, along with Kipling backpacks (those overpriced gorillas were so cool at my high school for reasons I still don't really understand) and some of the below items:

  • Gelly roll pens
  • Folders and notebooks, duh ("I'd try to match folders to classes like a sommelier would match wine to a course," Erin said. "'Ah yes, these unicorns drinking from a reflective lake will be perfect for science!'")
  • Spacemaker Pencil Boxes
  • T9 calculators (so useful for games, spelling "B00Bs" and also for ~hypothetically~ storing mathematical formulas)
  • Electric dictionaries
  • Mr. Sketch scented markers
  • 3D star-shaped 10 color highlighters
  • Protractors (for drawing peace signs only)
  • Pencil grippers
  • Decorative binder reinforcements

Your turn.

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zap rowsdower

When discussing "overpriced backpacks", we can't overlook my high school's top pick.