Let's Get These Nails Done: An At-Home Manicure for All of Y'all Who Are Stuck at Home

Prior to the pandemic, I’d get my nails done once a week, without fail. My manicures were (and still are) self-care. A treat, if you will—not to mention that manicures give every look a cute, cute finish.

I’m a no-frills mani-chick, so what I deem a “good” manicure is fairly simple: Bold colors, precise shapes and clean cuticles. Boom.


The allure of my nails is undoubtedly their length. My nails are natural, and have the ability to grow pretty long. I think that the consistency of getting manicures on a weekly basis preemptively catches any cracks or chips, and promotes growth.

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Alas, the nail salons shut down months ago, and I’ve had to refine my manicuring skills. After all, flyy nails just don’t do themselves. During the quarantine, I’ve gone from almond-shaped nails to more of a ballerina/ square shape, as I’ve found that the ballerina shape is easier to maintain. We strive for progress, not perfection.

While some salons across the country have recently reopened, I’m still shook, y’all. I’ll pass on the professional manicures until the fall. Check out my at-home manicure for a few tips and tricks.

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