If you hosted Thanksgiving dinner last night, or if you're staying with someone who did, you're probably faced with a fridge-full of delicious and less-delicious foodstuffs. What's your plan of attack?

I personally have a bunch of vegetarian chili, one buttermilk-onion roll, a loaf of cranberry bread, some double-potato bake that I put green beans on top of in a late-night effort to save everything, and a tiny piece of pumpkin pie wrapped in plastic. I also have a whole bunch of unused raw vegetables, because I tend to overbuy when cooking for large groups. I scarfed down some of the chili for lunch, but what about dinner? Do I just reheat everything and have Thanksgiving Part II, or do I try to create a somewhat new meal using the leftovers? Want to advise me, or share your own strategy for dealing with the contents of your post-Thanksgiving tupperware? Consider this the place to share your favorite leftover recipes, to seek guidance, or to post photos of your Thanksgiving culinary disasters/triumphs. Bon appetit!

Image via Thomas M Perkins/Shutterstock.com