Let's Check In On Rami Malek And Lucy Boynton

Image: Backgrid

If you were wondering if Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton are still dating, I can’t provide an answer for you. (What do I look like, his mom?) But I can report that they have taken to dressing like inverted copies of each other, and seem to be literally holding each other up—like, physically—walking down the street.


Let’s see here: Malek wore sunglasses, a black hoodie and bomber jacket, and light-wash jeans. Boynton, who looks like she’s propping Malek up as they stroll post-Sephora trip, is wearing sunglasses, a black dress, and a patchwork denim jacket. They’re both wearing black shoes. Yes, this is New York and people are always mean-mugging here—but their outfits and their whole steeze (stoic, dreary, denim-clad) are too similar for something weird not to be going on here. Maybe they coordinated their looks, or maybe they’re both on the exact same wavelength and are cosmically tied in some way that their we nor they can fully understand. Who knows?? Maybe they’re just trying to look normal so they won’t get mobbed by fans and paparazzi. (Clearly didn’t work.)

What do you think Boynton bought at Sephora?

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