Let's Catch Up With Julia Roberts and Her Holes

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How long has it been since you’ve wondered about the welfare of Julia Roberts’ holes? Was it eight years ago, when she—they—starred in Eat Pray Love? Or was it more recently? Maybe you’d forgotten all about America’s sweethole until just now. Luckily, an upstate New York newspaper has an update:

TMZ reports that headline was seen in Jamestown’s The Post-Journal, though it appears to be an AP story that several other publications, like the New York Times, managed to run without incident. But none of them got to run this beautiful correction:


I’m sure the misholep holeppened because The Post-Journhole had to fire its copy-editors due to budget cuts or something similarly depressing, but let’s not think about that. Let’s think about how great it would have been had this issue been pandemic across Roberts’ career. Would you have watched Steel Mag-hole-ias? Notting Hole? Uh, Mona Lisa Hole? I would. Holeheartedly.

August: Holesage County.

Sorry, bye.


If your dad doesn’t have a tattoo of your face on his arm, does he really even love you?

I would definitely rather get an Instant Pot.

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