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Let Us Rejoice: SkyMall Is Back

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Hearts were broken last January, when SkyMall, the provider for fun and frivolous consumption, filed for bankruptcy due to not being able to keep up with the constantly changing retail industry. The decline in sales was also blamed on the use of electronic devices on flights. Passengers were paying more attention to their smart phones and e-readers instead of flipping through SkyMall’s glorious catalogue.


A hero that goes by C&A Marketing saved SkyMall when they purchased the company in April for under $2 million. According to Time, the New Jersey-based company is also behind several camera and home goods retailers such as Polaroid, Ritz Camera and Ivation. Polaroid products are featured among Skymall’s usual kitsch, so you can pick up an instant camera along with Ashes, the Gothic Gargoyle Statue.

As for the cherished in-flight catalogue, Chaim Pikarski, Executive Vice President of C&A Marketing, told The Huffington Post it would be back on planes later this year. “We are looking to add more of the innovative, fun cool products that people are looking for, but that are still in keeping with the DNA of SkyMall,” said Pikarski.


SkyMall is mere entertainment for the majority of us, but a godsend for quirky gift-givers like my mom, who recently presented me with a salt and pepper shaker holder in the shape of a red high heel. Perhaps I can assume this high heel-shaped wine bottle holder will be my next reward for being such an excellent daughter.

More good news: there’s still plenty of those Yeti-themed items you’ve always had your eye on.

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