Let This Pug Puppy Bath Remind You Why You're Alive

Tiny soaped-up dogs, man. That shit is ALL the cuteness. Unsurprisingly, the three puppies aren't into their bath as much as we are into watching it, but they're out soon enough and being warmed by Mommy's hair dryer. (The definition of derp: That pug at 1:11 in the video while it's being dried.)

[via Buzzfeed]

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I'm a big dog person, always have been. But DAMN if I don't have a thing for pugs. I will have two one day. They have so much personality and those smush faces kill me.

As far as this video, besides the total cuteness, I keep worrying about them licking up all that soapy water! There's going to be some horking going on for a few hours after that bath, methinks.