​Let This 13-Year-Old Hero Tell You Why You Need to Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day! Like every other election, there's a lot at stake, so if you believe in the democratic process, don't forget to cast your vote! By why take it from me? Let badass 13-year-old activist Madison Kimrey tell you why you should vote.

If Madison looks familiar, it's because she has already has a lengthy resume of general political badassery. Founder of NC Youth Rocks, she was very vocal about North Carolina's voting restrictions, calling herself "part of the new generation of suffragettes and I will not stand silent while laws are passed to reduce the amount of voter turnout by young people in my home state." She also runs a fantastic blog Functional Human Being, where she talks about issues in feminism, politics, and international relations (including soundtracks from artists like the Ataris and Halestorm—I miss being 13).

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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

oh great, a 13 year old says stuff about voting, people love it.

i say stuff and it's 'ma'am, you're being overly aggressive. maam, please stop trying to attack the youth.'