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"Let Them Eat Cake," Says Cosmo Editor-in-Chief

Illustration for article titled Let Them Eat Cake, Says iCosmo/i Editor-in-Chief

"Lately, thanks to the economy, you've probably been feeling more stressed out than usual," says Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate White in February's issue. Luckily, she has some totally relatable advice:

I remember when I became Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo, I was so focused on the challenge of running the world's most successful women's magazine that I didn't thought to savor just how awesome each day was. Now 10 years have gone by and when I look back on it, those crazy and unsettled times were actually some of my most fun moments. You just have to learn to stop and smell the roses.


Thanks Kate! We'll all relax now. [Cosmopolitan]

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Photoshop of horrors: Ali Larter edition.

This is not unlike the Gwynnie Vogue cover where her face ALSO appeared to be disconnected from her body and later reattached in the wrong place. And bigger.