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Let the Love Story Of These Two Vets Melt Your Damn Heart

If you’re in need of a nice moment of levity in your day, might I suggest the StoryCorps episode featuring 100-year-old John Banvard and his 72-year-old husband, Gerard “Jerry” Nadeau? Because these two are just completely adorable.


Banvard and Nadeau, both veterans of different wars, have been together for 25 years. “What would it have been like if you didn’t meet me?” Nadeau asked Banvard.“I would have continued being lonely,” Banvard replied. “I’d have been absolutely lost.”

The two were married three years after moving together into a California veterans home 2010, putting an end to any speculation about who they were to each other. “A lot of people were wondering, ‘I wonder what their relationship is?’ Well, when we got married, they knew what our relationship was,” said Nadeau, prompting both men to burst into laughter.


You could peg their story to Valentine’s Day, or you can just take it for what it is: A two-minute and 38 second validation that love is real.

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’If you came to see the bride, you’re out of luck!’

This was the best thing I’ve heard all year.